2020 Benedict 100 Lottery


In our Hands by Tuesday, January 15th 2019.

All policies stated will be strictly enforced, PLEASE READ THROUGH THEM ALL CAREFULLY!

Please read this entire form carefully before proceeding. Before submitting the "Benedict 100 Lottery Form," it is your responsibility to have read this entire form carefully. This is a unique Lottery for a unique trip and there are a few unique policies and rules that apply. We appreciate your membership and thank you for your participation.

Lottery Information

  1. The Benedict 100 is a 5 Night/6 Day, 100+ Mile Backcountry Ski Tour from Aspen to Vail, CO - now available by lottery only, for 1 lucky group.
  2. This grueling itinerary skips huts and there are no layover days - a pre-trip training program, extensive planning, winter backcountry experience, and raw grit is REQUIRED!
  3. Ski 12 to 20+ miles each day, with elevation gains up to 5,200', staying at Margy's, Betty Bear, Uncle Bud's, Jackal and Shrine Mountain Inn.
  4. Tour may occur on the dates of your choice in January or February, 2020 (date exclusions on next page).
  5. You pick your skiers, hut hosts, and hire guides if needed.
  6. Group size on the trail should be no less than 6 skiers, but a maximum of 16 guests can stay the night at each of the huts - so having friends, family members and/or guides as hut hosts to cook, clean and tend to blisters - is encouraged! Regardless of your group size, the huts will be reserved for your group only.
  7. 10th Mountain can pre-stock the huts with a reasonable amount of non-perishable food items that you purchase, package and deliver to our Aspen office (details on next page).
  8. The Benedict 100 itinerary is physically challenging, with extremely long and arduous days on the trail -groups will be responsible for planning and executing any "bail-out" scenarios and shuttles.

Route Information*

The Benedict 100 is a very strenuous trip. It not only requires a strong training base, physical endurance, and good backcountry ski experience, but also demands mental focus and determination. All this to cover nearly 100 miles on skis, in six long days,in potentially cold temperatures, and while on remote trails in varying snow

  • DAY 1: Hunter Creek Trailhead, Aspen to Margy's Hut, 14 Miles, 5,200' elevation gain.
  • DAY 2: Margy's Hut to Betty Bear Hut, 17.5 Miles, 3,200' elevation gain.
  • DAY 3: Betty Bear Hut to Uncle Bud's Hut: 11.5 Miles, 2,800' elevation gain.
  • DAY 4: Uncle Bud's Hut to Jackal Hut: 21.5 Miles, 4000' elevation gain.
  • DAY 5: Jackal Hut to Shrine Mountain Inn: 14.5 Miles, 3300' elevation gain.
  • DAY 6: Shrine Mountain Inn to Vail via the Commando Run: 16 Miles, 2340' elevation gain.
  • *Mileage and elevation gains listed above are approximate and use suggested 10th Mountain winter routes.

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