2022-2023 10th Mountain Division Hut Association Winter Reservations Lottery


In our Hands by Tuesday, February 15th 2022.

Please Note: Before submitting the "Hut Reservation Lottery Form," it is your responsibility to have read this entire form carefully. All policies stated will be strictly enforced.

10th Mountain's annual lottery time is here again. Please read this entire form carefully while planning your 2022-2023 Winter hut trips. We appreciate your membership and thank you for your participation. Please remember that the group name serves an administrative purpose. DO NOT enter a group name on the line provided on the form unless you have read and understand the group entry process (see instruction #8).

10th Mountain hut rates and the rates of other huts that we reserve have changed for the 2022-2023 winter season. Please see our Rates, Dates & Capacities page on our website for updated rate structures and capacities. We will charge all lottery trips in full, and will not notify you directly of rate changes before we charge your card. Please see the examples section on the next page to maximize your chances of receiving a trip, or feel free to call us if you have any questions. Good Luck!

For this year's lottery we have changed our online lottery system to help us more effectively manage the ever-increasing number of participants. Most of the changes are on the backend and won't affect your user experience. But there are a few changes that will, so we've come up with this guide to help you through the online lottery process as well as some examples of lottery choices, Online Lottery Guide.

Lottery Instructions

  1. The form must be received on or before Tuesday, February 15, 2022. Your lottery form is a contract and you will be charged for the trip we reserve for you.
  2. Please send your lottery form in as early as possible. Please do not wait until the last day, and do not send duplicate copies.
  3. Beginning on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 we will draw names and book 1 trip for each member or group, according to their list of choices. Please list as many choices as possible. If nothing on your list is available, we will not call you to arrange a trip.
  4. All reservations will be e-mailed or sent by Friday, March 25, 2022. Please do not call in to check on your lottery trip, as we will not be giving this information out over the phone. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail or a packet by this date none of your lottery choices were available and you did not receive a trip in the lottery. You will receive a notice by email if you did not receive a trip.
  5. After the lottery is completed, Regular ($35) members can book up to two more trips, and Leader ($100) and Lifetime ($1000) members can reserve an unlimited number of additional trips online or by calling on or after Friday, April 1, 2022. Hut availability will be posted on the website, www.huts.org, by the evening of Tuesday, March 29, 2022 to help you plan for additional trips.
  6. All reservations will be subject to our regular cancellation policy. NO REFUNDS.
  7. One request form per member! Any member submitting more than one request form will not be entered in the lottery.
  8. If you have a group of members who will each submit a request form and your group would like to book only ONE trip, please follow the directions below carefully:
    Assign your group a unique name and enter this name on the top of the form on the Group Name line. Be sure that each of the group's participants uses the same group name, and includes the name on the top of their form. Make sure that the members of your group each submit IDENTICAL lists of choices. You are not a group if you only have one person entering.
    Once a member of the group receives a trip, all of the other lottery forms with the same group name will be discarded.
    The group will receive only one trip.
  9. If you have several members who will each submit a request form attempting to get multiple trips, do not enter as a designated "group." "Groups" will be limited to one trip only (see directions above). Instead, to maximize your chances in the lottery, members who wish to take multiple trips together should enter many carefully planned individual forms; however, we will NOT be able to coordinate your individual requests (i.e. I want this date if my friend didn't already get that date). Careful planning will help you and your friends avoid getting conflicting itineraries such as 4 trips to one hut, or trips on 3 consecutive weekends. If this does happen, you can sell your hut space on our website bulletin board.

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