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Hut Search: Welcome to Online Booking.

Public health orders continue to evolve and may affect your hut trip. It is your responsibility to know the orders and make wise decisions. Please visit the appropriate county health website to learn more about current health orders and/or recommendations. You can find links to these public health websites as well information on booking policies currently in effect and booking policies for later reservations our COVID-19 Information Page. As orders continue to change some are becoming less restrictive. If you're curious to learn more about the CDC's recommendations for fully vaccinated people, visit the CDC Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People. If you need to reduce your reservation in order to be compliant with public health orders, please call us and we will issue credit accordingly and consistent with established flat rates. If you cannot comply with public health orders and prefer to cancel altogether, please call us and we will issue 100% credit. More information on credit is at COVID 19 Hut Credit. We appreciate your support and understanding.

  1. Hut reservations for Winter 2020-2021 and Summer 2021 are single-party only, there are new minimum booking requirements, and capacities at most huts that used to sleep more than 12 guests have been reduced.
  2. Arrival time is now 2pm, and please depart by 11am.
  3. Discrete sleeping areas can be shared only by household members. Each hut typically has multiple discrete sleeping areas.
  4. Hut visitors are required to follow protocols on social distancing, use of face masks, handwashing, and cleaning/disinfecting the hut. 10th Mountain unequivocally supports these protocols.

We cannot accept online reservations for trips using gift certificates, trips for school groups or others requiring special discounts. We are also unable to accept online cancellations. For any of these trips you still need to call us and book the old fashioned way.

Before booking a trip, please review our website's How To Plan A Hut Trip to determine if your groups' experience traveling in Colorado's backcountry is sufficient for a safe and successful hut trip.

Please note that the Alfred A. Braun Huts and Friends Hut are located in areas of known avalanche terrain with recurring avalanche cycles. Routes are not marked or maintained.

If you have any questions or need any help planning or booking your trip we encourage you to give us a call at 970-925-5775.

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